Coaches/Parents are reminded that there is responsibility which must be met not only to their players, but also to the Association.  The following actions by the coaching staffs, parents, and spectators is strictly forbidden in all related soccer activities.


1.     Foul or abusive language.


2.     Harassment of players.


3.     Harassment or aggression of league officials, referees, or other spectators.


4.     Acts or aggression to players, league officials, referees, or other spectators.


5.     Accepting any form of assistance from any person or persons officially suspended from all soccer activities by the Association or NTSSA.


6.     Conduct contrary to the goals of the Association. 


Any violation of the above will necessitate the appearance before the Executive Committee.  Coaches,  parents, and interested spectators will be expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.  It must be remembered that all adults are examples for our youth.  Failure to comply with the above may result in a warning or ejection of your players, coaches, parents, spectators, or possible forfeiture or abandonment of the game.


                a.     Coaches are reminded that they are responsible to the conduct of parents and spectators connected with their team.


                   b.     Coaches can be carded or ejected from the playing field for parents or spectators who do not comply with these rules.  The Zero (0)    tolerance policy will be enforced.