PSA Code Of Conduct

**Parent / Spectator Expectations**

All spectators are expected to know the basic rules and expectations for children of the age group they are watching. (See league rules)

All participants are here to have fun, including spectators, enjoying their child’s successes on the field. Be positive and supportive to all participants.

Show support for your child’s team by volunteering for duties and responsibilities associated with the game.

This is not a babysitting service. Parents are expected to attend practices and games, especially at the 4U, 6U, and 8U levels.

Remember, everyone working with your child is a volunteer. Show respect for their efforts and so will your child.

Be on time for games and practice with the proper equipment. This shows appreciation for the time and efforts of the coach.

Be willing to get actively involved in the practices and games if the coach provides the opportunity.

Sportsmanship is taught by example. Your children learn this from you, the most significant individual in their lives.

Try to focus on what is being done well and not yell about the mistakes of other participants, coaches, or officials.

Let the coach, coach! Yelling instructions, even if meant well, can confuse, and frustrate players.

Sit on your designated side (guest or visitor).

Avoid public conflicts. More can be accomplished by communicating with the coach and through the coach to the referee. Other parents and spectators are there to enjoy the game as well without unnecessary stress.

We kindly request that all parents and spectators maintain a positive and respectful atmosphere during our soccer league events. Please refrain from using offensive language, including profanity and cuss words, as we strive to create a welcoming and family-friendly environment for all participants and spectators.  Failure to do so will result in both the parent and the player being ejected from the game.  Repeat offenses can result in suspension of the player from upcoming games.

**Player Expectations**

Players are expected to learn the rules for their age group and play by these rules.

We are here to have fun, but not at the expense of other participants’ fun.

Players are to show proper respect and sportsmanship to others involved in the game including other players, coaches, spectators, and especially the officials.

Do your best always, so you do not let the others on your team down.

Showing up on time consistently for games and practices.

Come prepared to play, with a good attitude, water bottle, shin guards, and clothing suited to weather conditions and rules of the game.

If you have a concern with a referee, voice it through the coach. If you have a concern with a coach, discuss it with your respective commissioner.

Team sports provide excellent opportunities to make friends, encourage the building of good character, and provide an outlet for excess energy.

No foul language or offensive speech towards another player, referee, coach or spectator.  Players will be ejected from game immediately and repeat offenses will result in player being suspended from upcoming games.

**Coach Expectations**

As a coach and representative of PSA, you will be held to an extremely high standard. Please familiarize yourself with the coaching expectations below. Please note that some of the expectations are more appropriate for the older age groups. Thank you for your help and continued support. PSA is only as good as our volunteers.

  • Foster a love of the game.
  • Promote good sportsmanship.
  • Treat all players with respect.
  • Lead by example.
  • Communicate effectively and regularly with parents.
  • Communicate with parents what side to sit on.
  • Maintain a positive and encouraging atmosphere both in practices and at games.
  • Respect and support the referee.
  • Provide the opportunity for players to develop skills at all positions
  • Teach players how to win and lose gracefully.
  • Commit to a minimum of one practice per week. Two is preferred at older ages (weather & time permitting).
  • Must be willing to submit to a background check.
  • Must communicate through apps, text messaging, or phone calls to all parents regarding details of each practice and game. Communication must be done no less than one day prior.
  • If coaches are not familiar with the sport, we ask that you refer to Coach’s Corner on for guidance with practices.

Any violation of the above may result in a warning and/or suspension from all PSA related activities.

Failure of coaches to comply may result in withholding coaching reimbursement at the end of the season. Offenders can be subject to suspension from the PSA for an indefinite period. Parents and spectators will be expected to always display good sportsmanship. It must be remembered that all adults are examples to our youth.